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Using our Live Currency Converter Calculator you can keep a watch on market fluctuations and enable yourself to get the best prices on currency transfers and currency exchange. Occasionally the markets can move a lot in one day, due to economic changes and data. If you plan to send currency abroad it pays to watch the rates for the best time to make your conversion.

Although the rates we quote in the above currency converter for USD, Euro to GBP are real time market prices, it can sometimes be difficult to exchange at these rates. Many brokers add commissions to transfers, some brokers base their rates either side of the current market price (called a spread) allowing them to make small profits when they buy and sell the currency for you. When looking to get the best rates for GBP, Euro or USD, we recommend a free quote here. TorFX are an award winning company based in the UK who can send money abroad, arrange foreign currency transfers and holiday money for customers around the world. They state zero commission on all transactions and always give favorable rates.
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